Funds & Donors

Setting Up a Fund

LACF creates a culture of giving back to this community and helps donors attain their philanthropic goals. Opening a fund with the Laredo Area Community Foundation is simple and flexible with a variety of fund options from which donors can choose. LACF establishes endowments which provides dependable, perpetual income to donors chosen cause.

You can make a gift of cash, stocks, bonds, real estate, or other assets to your community foundation. Your gift qualifies for maximum charitable benefit under state and federal law.

You can designate a gift or portion of your estate to your community foundation and, in some cases, receive a substantial reduction in federal gift and estate taxes.

You can make a gift of cash or property to your community foundation now, get immediate tax benefits, and ensure that you or a loved one receive fixed quarterly or annual income payments for life.

You can place cash or property in a trust that pays annual income to you ( or another beneficiary) for life. After your death, the remainder fo the trust transfers to your community foundation, and is placed in a charitable fund you’ve selected. You receive income tax benefits the year you establish your trust.

Acorn Funds

Provides an ideal stepping stone to philanthropy for those who wish to start a fund with less than $10,000.
Initial Gift: Minimum $2,500 and thereafter in a period of 5 years
Disbursement: 4% annually after 3rd year of growth
Administrative Fees: No fees until minimum $10,000 is achieved

Donor Advised Funds

Donor recommends their gift be directed to any qualifying non-profit organization.
Initial Gift: Minimum $10,000
Disbursement: 4% of annual income after 3rd year of growth
Administrative Fees: 1.25% annually

Designated Endowments

Donor identifies in advance the non-profit organization that will be the direct beneficiary.
Initial Gift: Minimum $10,000
Disbursement: The principal is permanently invested with a disbursement of 4% of annual income after 3rd year of growth.
Administrative Fees: 1% annually

Field of Interest Endowments

Donor indicates a certain area of interest but allows the LACF Board of Directors to seek recipients whose mission is closely aligned to donor’s guidelines.
Initial Gift: Minimum $10,000
Disbursement: 4% of annual income after 3rd year of growth
Administrative Fees: 1% annually

Scholarship Endowment

Donor allows the LACF to use it’s own discretion to address the changing needs of the community.
Initial Gift: Minimum $10,000
Disbursement: 4% of annual income after 3rd year of growth
Administrative Fees: 1% Annually

Family of Funds

Donor Advised
  • Tina and Russell Cerda Donor Advised Fund

  • E.H. Corrigan Foundation Donor Advised Fund

  • Glassford Family Donor Advised Fund

  • Willam B. Green Donor Advised Fund

  • Irving and Shirley Greenblum Donor Advised Fund

  • Brad and Jennifer Greenblum Donor Advised Fund

  • Adriana and Oscar Lopez Donor Advised Fund

  • Jill Martin Donor Advised Fund

  • B.P. and Peggy Newman Donor Advised Fund

  • Melissa and Jeremy Peters Donor Advised Fund

  • Ruben Soto, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Donor Advised Fund

  • Fernando A. Salinas Donor Advised Fund

  • Hank and Elizabeth Sames Donor Advised Fund

  • Richard and Triana Sames Donor Advised Fund

  • Carroll and Evelyn Summers Donor Advised Fund

  • Robert and Tami Summers Donor Advised Fund

  • Ignacio and Estela Perez Donor Advised Fund

Designated Endowment
  • Alhambras of the Zahara Caravan #64 Endowment

  • Franklin-Avigael Scholarship Endowment

  • Baylor Family Endowment Fund

  • Book Babes Endowment Fund

  • Ralph and Bertha Carpinteyro Memorial Endowment Fund

  • Ricky and Soraida Carpinteyro Family Endowmnet Fund

  • Cotulla Legacy Endowment Fund

  • Help Educate Laredo Children Endowment

  • Homero and Delia Flores Endowment Fund

  • Homero Flores, III Endowment Fund

  • Founding Board Endowment

  • Irving and Shirley Greenblum Endowment

  • Marissa A. Keene Memorial Endowment

  • The Law Office of John R. Solis Endowment Fund

  • Luis and Jenny Lidsky and Daughters Endowment

  • Mary Roese Martin Scholarship Endowment Fund

  • Stewart K. Martin Memorial Endowment

  • Roy G. Martin Memorial Endowment

  • Hannah Mendelsohn Memorial Scholarship Endowment

  • Jose and Diamantina Ramos Endowment Fund

  • Viola Hortense Reuthinger Trust Endowment Fund

  • Fernando A. Salinas Endowment

  • Elizabeth Romano Sames Endowment Fund

  • Hank and Elizabeth Sames Endowment

  • Solis-Cabeza Endowment Fund

  • Summers Family Community Outreach Endowment

  • Carroll E. Summers, III Endowment

  • Carroll E. Summers, III-Soil Conservation LCC Endowment

  • Trevino Family Fund Endowment

  • Susan Scoville Walker Endowment

  • Elizabeth and Olivia Brown Endowment

  • Laredo Stroke Support Endowment

  • Matthew Bruni Sames Christ Church Memorial Endowment

  • Women's Club of Cotulla Endowment

  • Odie Arambula Memorial Scholarship Endowment

  • William L. Cotulla Endowment

  • Baylor Family Endowment

Non-Profit Funds
  • Bethany House Endowment

  • Boys and Girls Clubs of Laredo I DAF

  • Boys and Girls Clubs of Laredo II DAF

  • Boys and Girls Clubs of Laredo III DAF

  • Boys and Girls Clubs of Laredo Foundation Endowment Fund

  • Chito Salinas Endowment Fund for Boys/Girls Clubs of Laredo

  • Children's Advocacy Center Endowment Fund

  • Communities in Schools Endowment Fund

  • Ministry Support Donor Advised Fund-Christ Church Episcopal

  • Narvaez Worship Fund - Christ Church

  • Ruthe B. Cowl Acorn Endowment Fund

  • Imaginarium of South Texas Endowment

  • Junior Achievement of Laredo Endowment

  • The Kidney Foundation of Laredo Endowment

  • The Kidney Foundation of Laredo Donor Advised Fund

  • Laredo Center for the Arts Endowment

  • Laredo Theatre Guild International Endowment

  • The Laredo Rotary Club Endowment for Boy Scouts Aztec District

  • Hecor J. Noyola Endowment Fund-Boys and Girls Clubs of Laredo

  • Rio Grande International Study Center Acorn Endowment Fund

  • TAMIU/TAMU Engineering Endowment Fund

  • University Library Endowment

  • United Way of Laredo Endowment

  • Women's City Club Educational Endowment

Community Outreach
  • Education

  • Arts & Culture

  • Health

  • Environment

  • Social Services